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<== Site of the Week for 2008-12-17 ==>

Site of the Week

The goal of is to promote local web development. The Grand Junction Site of the Week will highlight one web site from the Grand Junction area each week.

You can view the site of the week by visiting the page kewl.html or subscribing to the RSS Feed RSS.gif. The primary reason for this program is so that RSS afficiandos from Grand Junction can add the feed to their collection of feeds.

The program is not intended as an award. The goal is to provide a sampling of web sites so that subscribers to the feed can learn more about this area.

The selection of the Site of the Week is a random process. Essentially, I choose sites at random from the directory. If there is something interesting about the site, I write a paragraph review about the site, and drop it as the next site in the Site of the Week queue. Currently, there's only about 700 links in this directory. So, it is possible that everyone will end up a Site of the Week.

There is a bias toward art and nonprofit sites.

In addition to "Site of the Week" reviews, the RSS feed will contain "Site Reviews." These reviews often include additional resources about a web site. For example, if the web site owner wrote a book, I will include a link to the book on online bookstores. Often it will include links to a blog, online article about the site, or other relevant resources.

The very first site of the week is this announcement. You can view all future and past reviews with on the page Kewl Hist.

Decision Making Process

This is a sample of how the selection process works. The first Site of the Week will fall on Christmas Eve. Since Christmas is a central event in the Christian calendar, I decided to highlight a local christian church. I wrote a review for the Grand Junction Fellowship Church. While writing the review, I discovered that pastor Hooper had written several books; So, I made an Amazon widget to the books.

If people click on the widget and buy through Amazon, I will get a commission. As this is a commercial element; I moved this review to December 25th, and made another church (The Bookcliff Baptist Church) the site of the week.

The goal is to show a sampling of things going on that make the Grand Valley a dynamic, rich community. Essentially, I choose categories relevant for the time of year, then choose sites at random from that category. The goal, after all, is simply to fill an RSS feed with web sites from Grand Junction.

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DISCLAIMER: This review is about the web site. It is not a recommendation for a company or product. The goal of the Site of the Day review is simply to point out an interesting local web sites. View Site of the Day History. RSS Feed

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